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Nothing beats those warm summer evenings, relaxing on the patio talking with friends and family. However it may be too close for comfort on scorching hot days Have a fun time on the patio or verandah by installing patio blinds for your home.

Patio blinds also allow you to enjoy the lazy noons without nosy neighbours or the blinding sun. They are the best solution to "glare" problems. We have patio blinds in different sizes, shapes and colors to perfectly suit your house.

Here are some of the benefits of having Patio Blinds fitted in your home
  • Blocks out some UV from the sun
  • Allows sufficient amount of light into the patio area.
  • Stops wind.
  • Gives your house a ultra modern appearance.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Long lasting (estimated life span of 10 years in full sun)
  • Eco friendly as it reduces temperatures in your outdoor area as well as inside your house
  • Available in rope operated system or motorised.

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 Singapore Budget Curtains is the only designer I'll ever need to brighten up my home and windows! - Joel Lim (Clementi)